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The Streets Of Mafia Generations
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The Streets Of Mafia Generations
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• Where a game becomes more than just a game !!!
• Where players feel more like family and friends!!!
• Where the competition rivals real life !!!
• Where players can shape the future !!!
• This fantasy can now be your reality... Mafia Generations is now your way of life.

Welcoming Online Community, Free To Play, No Game Resets, New Features Added,
Player Influenced Game Changes, Live Chat Rooms and so much more
Mafia Generations features everyday situations in the New Mafia World. Mafia Turf Wars
You make the decisions on how your future will be shaped.

The Mafia Generations world offers you variety and ensures every day can offer you something new.
You might decide to aggressively train as a loaner, join a family to create havoc, marry the one you love,
play in the Mafia Generations casino. These are just a few of the many options available to you.

Mafia Generations really is the future of online strategy gaming. When you sign up to this exciting established game and social site,
you will have access to all of the content below.

We have new stuff arriving weekly and a team of dedicated developers to ensure your input shapes
the New Mafia world and keeps it fresh.

Mafia Generations - in game features

Key Stats Training • Join / create a Gang • Manage your Gangs Turf • Daily Crimes • Extortion
Gang Crimes • Gang Wars • Online live casino • Turf Wars • Lawyers • Buy and Sell Property
Travel the World • Pet Genetics • Pet Fights • Education • Get Employed • Hall of Fame • Live Chat Quizzes
Game contests • Drug Stores • Weapon Stores • Forums • Items • Banks • Gym • Hospital
Jail • Hooker Jail • 24 Hours Gaming • Excellent Team Of Staff • Street Corner Hookers

Mafia Generations - Screenshots

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